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Outreach Programs

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As of July 23rd- Senior Care Deliveries are at max capacity. We will open up more delivery spots as we increase volunteer drivers. We will need to implement a 10 mile distance restriction from our distribution site due to the rising costs of gas. 
SENIOR CARE is a delivery service set aside for our neighbors that are at least 65 years of age and homebound.
These neighbors will receive a monthly food delivery box as requested per the following guidelines.
1)    We are offering three types of basic boxes for Senior Care, a). vegetable box  b). meat box  c). soft box
​The vegetable box WILL CONTAIN ONLY VEGETABLES and other non meat commodities.
​The meat box will contain MEAT AND VEGETABLES.
​The soft box only contain soup and soft chewable foods.  NO MEAT OR RAW SALADS.
​2. You must be at least 65 years young and homebound with no way to attend the events or have a box picked up for you. 
​3. We ask that you complete a online form one time through this website by clicking
"SIGN ME UP FOR SENIOR CARE" if you wish to be added to the list.​
4. There must be a chair or table placed at your front door or somewhere easily accessible to our Senior Care drivers so the box can be left securely and safely out of the elements as much as possible.
​5. You must have a working phone contact number either for the recipient of the box or a trustworthy contact person.​
6. We do not and will not take special orders except for soft boxes if those items are available.
​7. In order to cancel Senior Care it must be done through email to: in the subject line please type CANCEL 
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