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Ollie Zudor says:


I have been very blessed by wfn thank you ms charlene.   

Tiffany Lewis Bridges says:

My 3 little girls LOVE going to the WF NFN giveaways. They get so excited to pick out what veggies and bread and sweet treat they want. They love talking to as many people there as they can too. I am so thankful for everything you guys do. The meats definitely help so much(the ribs this time were AMAZING) Thank you Ms. Charlene Keith you are amazing.

Mary Green says:


WF NFN has blessed several families in my area. These people are my neighbors and would be classified as the 'working poor'. They don't have a vehicle available during the day and cannot wait in line for hours at food distributions. Since I'm retired and have a vehicle, I collect the food and deliver it to them keeping only a small portion of meat for myself. From the September distribution, 10 people received food. Thank you to everyone who is involved with WF NFN.

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